• Facials
  • As living beings, we are in a constant state of flux as we strive for equilibrium to combat stresses that affect our balance and well-being each day. Naturally, these stresses have an effect on our skin, body, and emotions.
  • At Spalon, our goal is to design treatments to bring you back into balance. Using nurturing high-touch approaches and unique sensory experiences.
Aveda introduces New Tulasara, which features products, rituals and spa treatments. Tulasara means moving towards balance. Tulasara Radiant awakening ritual features facial dry brushing,which helps renew, restore radiant glow by exfoliation. Follows with a massage using Tulasara Oletation Oil. 94% of women found their skin felt smooth, refined and nourished.
Add Tulasara Concentrates such as firm, bright and calm. Each has a unique property for specific skin conditions. Try a Signature Facial with a Tulasara Treatment today!